SAFETY and quality

Our quality management system

TotalX strives to exceed its customer’s expectations by prioritizing quality through its whole process. TotalX is an approved CAR 145 MRO and has excellent records of compliance.

All services provided by us are completed in accordance with the Manufacturer's Component Maintenance Manual and approved by U.A.E. General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA).

Our procedures comply with all current GCAA requirements and are updated frequently to comply with any new or amended requirements published by the GCAA.


Safety at TotalX

One of our most important priorities is to have a safe, healthy, and productive work environment. We set our safety standards at or above the highest level required by the GCAA or our customers.

TotalX considers the latest safety research in Human Factors to create an environment that is conducive to performing all our tasks in the safest manner possible.

We established and continue to promote an open and communicative work environment that encourages the staff to report workmanship-related errors/incidents and safety concerns without fear of reprisal. This open environment ensures we meet all reporting requirements set forth in GCAA CAR 145.

We provide an exceptional working environment and the incentives needed to attract, retain, and develop a skilled and committed workforce that can perform work to the highest safety and quality standards.

All staff are provided with appropriate training, tools, procedures, and time to carry out tasks in accordance with prescribed procedures. We always ensure compliance with procedures and complete cooperation with Quality Control Inspectors.